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Steakhouse Grill Charcoal

Steakhouse Grill Charcoal

Product#: AZHK

The steakhouse grill coal in premium quality is made from the South American wood of Quebracho blanco. The charcoal is characterized by its high specific weight of 1.49g/cm3, the large grain size, the high calorific value, the long burning time of more than 4 hours, the low consumption and the high firing temperature in the core of 1000°C. The charcoal is also used for the production of the steak house.

It does not spray any sparks, does not splash and is odourless. The humidity of our steakhouse grill coal is about 8%. All this makes the grill charcoal perfect for the azado grill.


Only  pick-up on site in 9016 St.Gallen


When buying a grill, the ordered coal is delivered directly with it.

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